I am always in need of a lot of human victims, who want to get good photos!

Shooting under the conditions of TFP is aways available, but for this you must offer me something really interesting, or closely monitor the appearance of new projects on my pages, please contact me for specifics.

Price rates can be found here.


Portrait (Beauty, Studio, Outdoors, Groups)

I prefer portraits! As interesting and diverse as you can think of! 

If you want to create unique and interesting set of photos for your collection, just write or call me!

If you want a studio, the cost of renting will have to be discussed!

Love Story

A wonderful genre, I encourage everyone to participate … Contact me to book a photo shoot, I will be very glad to see you in pairs!


Model tests and Snaps

Shooting model tests and snaps in accordance with the main rules and desires of the model! Experience I have, and the willing subjects are you, so that I can make you happy!

Photo Retouch

I am retouching pictures since 2013, but actively and professionally since 2017. I am learning new methods and styles every day and progressing very fast.


Please check this website for photo examples according to these genres!