Prices Photo

The actual price list you can view by clicking THIS LINK.

Make-up artists, stylists, barbers, sturio rent, costumes, retouch and etc. are paid additionally.

Meeting in advance and discussing the look and budget before the actual photoshoot is strongly recommended.

What is included in my personal work

  • Creating a look or looks, picking costumes, locations and doing all the necessary preparations
  • Photoshoot in lines of negotiated time, me putting all of my skills into the process and my camera Nikon D750
  • Help in posing and making the right expressions
  • Filtering technically bad frames after the shoot (like when you rolled your eyes while swaying your gorgeous mane for the shot)
  • Postworkout (light, color, some artifacts) of all photos from the shoot
  • 3-5 photos in basic retouch from every hour
  • Providing you with a link for a cloud service, that you can receive your photos from in a good quality for your social pages and ready for print up to A3 formate

What would we add to the price of the shoot

  • Studio rent, if we need one. Moscow is huge, there are many studios with different interrior for different purposes and prices varry from 450 rub/hour up to 3000 rub/hour and higher.
  • I highly recommend to every one, no matter what the idea of the shoot is, to hire a good make-up artist, that will skillfully highlight best parts and hide flaws. Average price rate is 2000-5000 rub
  • Costume rental price starting from 500 rub/day
  • Accessories rent or buy
  • Photo retouching. 1-2 pictures you might get as a bonus if a project will be interesting and I will be permitted to use them in my portfolio and other socials. If you will need that one, then you can use prices above to orient
  • Body/face art prices start at 5000 rub
  • High Resolution frames are paid sepparately (for large prints) -5 USD per picture (if you need many there is a discount according to amount 10 up to 50% (10 pics — 10%)

Receiving materials after TFP shoot

Model is geting all the frames, on the same circumstances as a paid photoshoot + retouched shots that go into photographers portfolio.

To take a part in the TFP shoot you will have to sign an aggreement: ModRelease Mashast En