Behind the lens


Acquaintance with the photographer

Hi! Welcome to my website!

My name is Maria. I was born in March 1989 and I live in Moscow.

I have loved photography ever since I got my first little kids camera, but I only started working and learning as a photographer in 2012.

I love to «shoot» people… and let them see how amazing they can actually look! Just like that! 🙂

All information, about the genres and style in which I photograph, can be found on the supporting page «Services».

For more information about my rates, please check the «Prices» page.

Kind regards,

Maria A. Stein

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I am always in search of people for shooting TFP looks, so do not hesitate to ask about the availability. I will be glad to shoot new and unusual faces! 🙂

If you want to shoot in a particular look and you still cannot decide which one to choose (or you already decided, but you need help implementing it), then please, all contacts can also be found on the website! Bookings should be agreed to in advance by phone or through any of the convenient methods listed on the site!


TFP — in short: I photograph you, you get a certain amount of photos on hand with my signature, and I, in turn, can post them on my resume and use them at my discretion.


  1. The photographer and a model herself are not paying for each others services (make up artist is working for free in some cases too).
  2. Costume, studio rent, MUA services and etc. (if there are such) are paid by all participants in an equal way.
  3. You have a great idea, that might interest me, or you suit my own demands for the following projects perfectly.
  4. Release contract is to be signed.
If you do not want to appear on my pages you need to warn me in advance and check my pricelist.

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